About Gaefa

Gaefa is the B2B (Agencies-to-Agencies) Tour Management System that allows travel agents to manage, sell, and buy tour packages from all around the world. Our mission is to gather all of the traditional travel agencies together to the digital world.

Gaefa is built based on the structure of real-life travel agencies. Our structure lets every personnels to have their own Agent IDs and every tour agencies to have their own Agencies IDs. Hence, our system is ready to support any real-life changes that your travel agency will face in the future. We are The Future of Travel

What is the meaning of word Gaefa?

  • Gaefa is inspired by a Icelandic word, Gæfa. It means good luck or fortune.

  • In Gaefa, we also encapsulate our vision in our name. Gaefa stands for Google, Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, and Alibaba. We want to be the single platform that integrates five biggest digital infrastructure for the Travel Industry

How does Gaefa make their money?

  • Gaefa does not have any monthly or registration fee. We do have premium services and offer a website development service if a travel agency wants to build their website using Gaefa as their backend. This will allow the travel agency to manage their website with no extra works, directly from their Gaefa dashboard.

What is Beta Phase?

  • Gaefa is currently under Beta Development phase. During the Beta Phase, there will be an update every 1-2 weeks to improve Gaefa system and its stability. As the Beta user, you can always help Gaefa by sending us any bugs, suggestions, or missing features reports. This will allow us to know more about your needs and make the best tour management system that you can ever have.